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KOLON actively communicates with customers, executives and employees, partners, and the local community.
We will contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

Pursuit of work-life balance, nurture talented people

In order to realize the work-life balance of full-time employees, we are expanding flexible work systems, operating in-house daycare centers, expanding working periods during pregnancy, and supporting women's manpower pool and domestic MBA courses

Creating jobs accompanying society

To promote employment for the disabled, we have signed a business agreement with the Disabled Employment Corporation and provide professional training and rehabilitation programs through Kolon Sporex as well as hiring athletes for the disabled, contributing to the creation of quality jobs

Various social contribution activities for a sustainable future

KOLON is carrying out various social contribution activities to return the love received from customers to develop our community and country.

In 2012, we launched our CSR Secretariat, an organization dedicated to social contribution. In the same year, we also announced our slogan ‘Stepping stones to your dreams, Dream Partners’ and established KOLON Volunteers with the participation of our employees. We are also striving to develop a healthy society by communicating with our neighbors through the ‘Oh-woon Cultural Foundation’ established in 1981 and the KOLON Foundation established in 2002.

Various social contribution activities for a sustainable future

Free Construction for Negative Pressure Isolation Room

In particular, in the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, KOLON group took an active role in overcoming the national crisis by building negative pressure treatment rooms for free and supplying MB filters, a key component for making masks.

Recycling Successful for Disposable Masks

In 2022, KOLON succeeded in recycling discarded disposable masks for the first time in Korea.
We recycled PP (polypropylene), a chemical material used in disposable masks, to make hangers, and plan to expand the applications for recycled disposable masks in more diverse fields.

Support for a warm society full of good deeds

KOLON has established many public welfare foundations to create a warm society full of good deeds and help children and teenagers fulfill their dreams.

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Establishment of Oh-woon Cultural Foundation

The late Oh-woon Lee Won-man, the former chairman of Kolon Group, established the Oh-woon Cultural Foundation in 1981 to support and foster talented young people who can contribute to social development. The Oh-woon Cultural Foundation is engaging in various public services such as scholarships and support for educational institutions.

Establishment of KOLON Foundation

KOLON established the KOLON Foundation, a non-profit foundation, in 2002 to help children realize their dreams, just like the Little Prince who took care of his flower. Since 2004, the KOLON Foundation has been hosting ‘KOLON Children’s Dream Camp’ every year to award scholarships to elementary school students who lead exemplary lives even in challenging environments. Since 2009, we have also operated ‘Ecolonglong,’ an energy school on wheels that helps children learn about eco-friendly energy sources through hands-on experiences.

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