KOLON Heritage

KOLON's history of challenge and innovation for a better tomorrow,
KOLON Heritage

2010 - Present

Evolution and Transformation

Expansion of future business


Attomax golf ball development, the longest distance golf ball on earth

Korea’s first non-infill Artificial Lawn


KOLON Industries to Start Full-scale Production of the World’s First Advanced Petroleum Resin

KOLON Industries to Expand the Eco-friendly Materials Market with the First-ever PCR PET Film in Korea

Completion of the first resident-participating wind power complex


Expansion of imported car dealer business

Launching antibacterial materials, Q-PLUS

KOLON Industries establishes its membrane mass-production system for fuel cell electric vehicles


World's first mass production of the first-ever transparent PI film

Construction of Korea's first polyimide film plant


KOLON One&Only Tower is completed


KOLON BASF innoPOM, a joint venture of KOLON Plastics and BASF Korea, is founded

COMMON GROUND, a container shopping mall, is launched


KOLON Corporation establishes a holding company in China

Mass-production development of the World's first membrane humidifiers and fuel cell stacks


Korea's first eco-friendly passive house international certification

Korea's first upcycling fashion brand, RE;CODE, launched


KOLON Corporation, the holding company, is launched

2000 - 2009

Challenge and New Growth

Pioneering a new business


Deokpyeong Eco Service opens to the public


The new vision "Lifestyle Innovator" is declared

KOLON Life Science is launched

Development of Polymer for Optical Films for the First Time in Korea


Korea's first commercialization of para-aramid fiber

Commercialization of Polyimide Film for the first time in Korea


KOLON Wellcare is founded

Construction of Korea's First Light Diffusion Plate Production Line


Tissuegene Asia is founded

1990 - 1999

Selection and Focus

Strengthen R&D Competitiveness


Liger Systems, a joint venture of KOLON and Korea CA, is founded (present-day KOLON Benit)


The establishment and operation of the first electronic disclosure system (DART) of the Financial Supervisory Service in Korea

Commencement of commercial production of POM


KOLON Tower in Gwacheon is completed

Development of the first anti-inflammatory pain reliever in Korea

The World's First Development and Production of hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin


KTP (KOLON Toray Plastics) is founded (present-day KOLON Plastics)

Woong Yeul Lee is inaugurated as chairperson of the KOLON Group And vision "One&Only" is declared


Korea's First Car Airbag Production

Korea's First Artificial Leather Production

Construction of Gimcheon Polyester Plant


KOLON Central Research Park is established


KOLON Data Communications is founded

1977 - 1989


Expanding national key industries


KOLON Seiren is established (present-day KOLON Glotech)


Samyeong Pharmaceuticals is acquired (present-day KOLON Pharmaceuticals)


Production of artificial grass for the first time in Korea


Oh-woon Cultural Foundation is established


KOLON Trading Company is founded


KOLON Hotel opens in Gyeongju


KOLON Engineering is established

Korea Nylon and Korea Polyester become KOLON Corporation

1963 - 1976


Grow into the global chemical and fiber company


KOLON Chemical is established

Korea's First Petroleum Resin Production


Korea Nylon and Korea Polyester go public (initial public offering)


KOLON SPORTS is created

KOLON Sports, Korea's first outdoor brand, was born


Korea Polyester's branches in Osaka, Hong Kong and New York are established (first overseas branches)

Gumi Industrial Complex No. 1 Company


Korea Polyester is established


Hankook Yumgong is founded KOLON Trading Company is founded


Production of nylon yarn for the first time

1957 - 1962

Taking Off

Korea's First Nylon Production

Former Chairperson Dong Chan Lee


Hyeop-wha Industries is founded (present-day KOLON Global)

Dong Chan Lee is inaugurated as CEO and President of Kaemyeong Corporation


The first stretch nylon fiber manufacturing plant is opened


Korea Nylon is founded (present-day KOLON Corporation)

1954 - 1956


Korea's first import of nylon

Former Chairperson Won Man Lee


Kaemyeong Corporation, a nylon distributor, is founded in Korea. (the precursor of the KOLON Group)


Nylon sole supplies supplied to Korea


Samkyeong Corporation is founded in Japan.

Former Chairperson Dong Chan Lee

Former Chairperson Dong Chan Lee

1922.04.01 ~ 2014.11.08

One of the First Generation Businessmen Who Drove Korea's Economic Development

Companies are the mainstay of a national economy, the prime movers of social development, and the livelihood of workers.
Therefore, all businessmen are called to leave behind a rich legacy, both spiritual and material for future generations.

from the lecture given at Chung Ang University's College of Political Science and Economics in 1987

2008.07 Senior advisor of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee

2004.02 Advisor of the Korea Golf Association

2004.02 Advisor of the Korea Employers Federation

2000.09 Advisory panel to the Federation of Korean Industries

1997.01 The first chairman of the Korea-Japan 2002 World Cup soccer tournament

1996.02 Chairman of Boram Bank

1996.02 Honorary President of the Korea Golf Association

1996.02 Honorary President of the Korea Employers Federation

1996.01 Honorary Chairman of KOLON Group

1985.02 President of the Korea Golf Association

1983.06 Chairman of the Korea Textile Industry Association

1982.02 President of the Korea Employers Federation

1980.09 President of the Korea Basketball Association

1977.01 Chairman of Kolon Group

1971.05 CEO of Kolon Industries (Polyester)

1970.03 CEO of Kolon Industries (Nylon)

1968.04 CEO of Kolon Corporation

1957.04 Establish Kolon Industries

2000.08 Honorary Doctorate of Physical Education from Korea National University of Physical Education

1997.05 Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from Korea University

1988.10 Honorary Doctorate of Economics from Chung-Ang University

1944.01 2 years of professional education at Waseda University in Japan

1942.03 Graduated from Osaka Kokoku Commercial High School in Japan

1996.12 15th Korea Management Forum Awards

1994.05 Korea Management Association Wins Korea Management Grand Prize

1993.04 The 21st Century Management Club won the 'New Industry Management Awards'

1992.12 Order of Physical Education honors

1992.07 National Order of Merit, "Mugunghwa" honors

1988.12 Korea University Graduate School of Business Friendship won the grand prize for CEO

1986.12 Order of Physical Education Award

1984.05 Korea Efficiency Association Wins 'Korea's Management Award'

1982.12 Order of Physical Education Award

1982.03 Gold Tower Order of Industrial Merit

Former Chairperson Won Man Lee

Former Chairperson Won Man Lee

1904.09.07 ~ 1994.02.14

Businessman-cum-Politician Who Led the Revival of Korea's Export

I decided to provide clothes to our people.
I wanted to clothe our people in affordable yet strong garments, liberate women from the toil of washing clothes, and help women lead a more comfortable life without the need for sewing and mending socks.

From the address celebrating the completion of the nylon yarn plant in August 1963


1994 Gold Tower Order of Industrial Merit

1981 Chairman of the Oh-woon Cultural Foundation

1977 Honorary Chairman of KOLON Group

1976 Chairman of Kolon Group

1972 Honorary Chairman of Korea Nylon Korea Polyester

1963~1971 6th, 7th National Assemblymen

1962 Chairman of the Export Industry Corporation

1960.07 5th National Assemblymen

1951 CEO of Kolon Nylon

1951 President of the Korea International Trade Association in Japan

1950.03 President of Samgyeong Corporation (Japan)

1949 Vice Chairman of the Korean Economic Association in Japan

1941.03 Dropping out of a Japanese university

1937.03 President of Asahi Coatings

1935.05 President of Asahi Crafts

1930.04 Forest Jockey Club, Yeongil-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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