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KOLON Institute of Technology

Launched in 2018, the KOLON Institute of Technology has created new value and broke down boundaries to discover future growth engines as an R&D control tower. We are preparing for a new leap forward through R&D and synergy between our subsidiaries to develop new technologies and expand business portfolios to prepare future growth engines for our group.

KOLON Institute of Technology serves as a hub for convergence R&D to realize KOLON’s future values. We focus on ESG-driven R&D to lead sustainable growth for our group. We continue to explore and promote new business opportunities by establishing a network with global leaders. KOLON Institute of Technology aims to develop a creative and flexible community of experts to discover new technology pipelines and create new business opportunities. To achieve this goal, we are nurturing groups of technical experts in various new fields and strengthening the efficiency of staff operations.

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Major research areas Materials that respond to the hydrogen economy (hydrogen production and storage), next-generation secondary battery materials (all-solid-state batteries), bio and renewable polymers (upcycling polymer, bio-based polymer, bio-degradable polymer), composite materials (tow prepreg, lightweight material), inorganic materials (amorphous, soft magnetic materials/parts), gene therapy (geriatric diseases, vectors), bioconversion materials (enzymes/fermentation, pharmaceuticals, microorganisms), care solutions (diagnostic antibacterial, antiviral)


In 1978, KOLON INDUSTRIES R&D Headquarters was the first research center founded in the Korean chemical fiber industry. Since then, we have been providing technology platforms as a core technological competitiveness for material development to lead the growth of KOLON INDUSTRIES.

Our portfolio includes Film, Electronic & Display Materials, High-Performance Industrial Materials, Automotive Materials, Green & Energy Materials, and Chemicals. Based on our creative and challenging research culture, we are committed to strengthening the competitiveness of our current business through material development and applied technology and striving to build an R&D network to lay a foundation for new businesses in the future.

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Major research areas Tire Cords, Airbags, Polyester Spunbond, Technical Yarn, Chamude, Aramid, Membrane, Polyester Film, Nylon Film, Coated Films, DFR, Overcoat, Beads, Hydrocarbon Resins, Phenolic Resins, Epoxy Resins, PU/TPU and Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipes


KOLON GLOTECH R&D Headquarters is focusing on R&D to strengthen the competitiveness of our current businesses and discover new business opportunities with the vision of becoming a Smart interior solution creator.

Our R&D strategy focuses on:

1. Providing differentiated solutions to enhance business competitiveness

Securing differentiated artificial leather processing technologies, supporting field technology development issues, and securing plastic molding technologies

2. Providing creative solutions for new business opportunities

Developing new structures for future transportation means, securing smart solutions to connect materials and electric fields, and creating artificial turf for indoor use

3. Proposing new business/development challenges

Developing and applying methods to synthesize various functional new materials

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Major research areas Car Seats, Car Seat Modules, Artificial Turf, Polypropylene Staple Fiber, Bicomponent Staple Fiber, Car Mats, GEONIC, PURELON, Cuprus and HeaTex

BIO Research Center

KOLON LIFE SCIENCE BIO Research Center is committed to developing innovative cell and gene therapies based on our vision of becoming a Global Leading Cell & Gene Therapy Company.

To become a global leader in cell and gene therapy, our BIO Research Center focuses on treating neurological disorders and cancer and developing innovative viral carrier-based gene therapies. Subsequent pipelines include treatment for neuropathic pain, KLS-2031 (Phase 1/2a clinical trial in the US), and oncolytic viral therapy, KLS-3021 (preclinical study). We will continue to upgrade our viral carrier platform technology and reinforce our portfolio to secure differentiated capabilities in developing innovative gene therapies.

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Major research areas Cell and gene therapies

Chemical Research Center

KOLON LIFE SCIENCE Chemical Research Center will become a leader in APIs and fine chemistry by developing various APIs, intermediates for pharmaceuticals, and antibacterial agents based on our rich experience in synthesis and convergence technologies.

Our Chemical Research Center develops APIs, fine chemicals, and water treatment products. We have successfully entered the Japanese pharmaceutical market by securing a diverse portfolio of APIs and intermediates for pharmaceuticals. We are also growing into a specialized CMO/CDMO company by supplying new clinical drugs and intermediates. Based on the differentiated technologies of our research center, KOLON LIFE SCIENCE is building a competitive process infrastructure, such as catalyst-based process and continuous process development, and supplying antibacterial agents and advanced electrical/electronic materials to domestic and global companies.

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Major research areas Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), CleanBio (Antimicrobial Agent), BESFLOC (Water Treatment Products)

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