Sustainable Management
Ethical Management

KOLON ethical management with customers, shareholders, and society.

We believe corporate social responsibility is more than about complying with laws and regulations.

We strictly adhere to ethical management practices to ensure co-prosperity of all members of society.

Ethical Management
on the Move


Maximizing the audit competency by fulfilling the demands of the subsidiaries and reinforcing cooperation with them.


Helping a sound corporate culture take root by adhering to ethical management practices at all times.


Building a legal risk management system based on the company's readiness to take action to sharpen competitiveness.

Ethical management that is pioneering

Interviewing each subsidiary to identify the areas requiring audits and receiving applications for audits

Carrying out pre-planned audits by theme

Encouraging regular exchanges between our subsidiaries regarding the operation of the audit systemg and inspections about reported matters

Helping the Group's audit organization retain independence by stipulating the pertinent rules and regulations

Constant, all year round audits

Auditing our subsidiaries by putting the constant, all year round audit system into operation

Putting into operation the preventive audit system for the non-listed small subsidiaries

Frequently inspecting each subsidiary's accident and crisis management capabilities

Focus on boosting the sense of ethics

Providing online and offline ethical management training

Actively encouraging the reporting of corruption cases and taking thoroughgoing follow-up measures - The protection program for informants reinforced - The channels for corruption reporting diversified to those both inside and outside the KOLON Group

Running a separate website dedicated to ethical management

Supporting the collection and publication of exemplary cases within the group

Our legal risk management system powered by our readiness to take action

Managing legal risks in a preemptive, preventive manner through active communication

Providing a legal checklist and guidelines for important contracts and tasks

Providing one-stop legal support in collaboration with lawyers from Korea and beyond

Flexibly and aggressively responding to legal risks

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