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Find out how we are involved in your everyday life through our key businesses.

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KOLON Industries

KOLON Industries Manufacturing specializes in producing chemicals and materials. Originally founded as KOLON Corporation, the company began by producing the first nylon in Korea in 1963, which helped build the postwar Korean economy. Today, KOLON Industries manufactures and distributes a broad product portfolio, including industrial materials, chemicals, film and electronic materials, such as tire cords, airbags, spunbond, polyester film, DFR material and hydrocarbon resins. With continuous investment in high-value-added products, the company is leading the globalization of related industries. Its key products rank first through third in respective global markets. Looking ahead, KOLON Industries is re-engineering its business processes to support our forward-looking goals and high potential for growth.

<Main Businesses and Products>Tire Cords, Airbags, Polyester Spunbond, Technical Yarn, Chamude, Aramid, Membrane, Polyester Film, Nylon Film, Coated Films, DFR, Overcoat, Beads, Hydrocarbon Resins, Phenolic Resins, Epoxy Resins, PU/TPU and Glass Reinforced Plastic Pipes


KOLON Global

KOLON Global was established in 2011 by merging KOLON E&C, KOLON I'NET and KOLON B&S to create specific synergies across a diversified retail, trade and construction portfolio. The retail business acquired Korea’s first license to import and sell BMW automobiles in 1987, and has since expanded nationwide, including into operations and consulting services at the KOLON Sporex Fitness Centers. The trade business, which includes steel, natural resources and chemicals, and the construction business, which covers civil engineering, environmental projects, residential and plant construction, have both strengthened their global marketing capabilities by developing new markets and business knowhow. Bolstered by diversified business capabilities, KOLON Global is swiftly realizing its dream of becoming a first-class 'Hybrid Total Solutions Provider'.

<Main Businesses and Products>Retail (BMW, Rolls-Royce, MINI, BMW Motorrad, Bang & Olufsen, KOLON Sporex) Trade (Steel, Natural Resources, Chemicals) Construction (Civil Engineering, Environment, Building, Housing, Plants)

  • Address : 17F, KOLON Tower, 11, Kolon-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Tel : 02-3677-3114
  • Homepage : http://www.kolonglobal.com

KOLON Industries FnC

KOLON Industries FnC leads Korea’s fashion culture, offering a broad brand portfolio that includes KOLON SPORT, Series and Lucky Chouette. The company represents more than twenty fashion labels, including Marc Jacobs, Berluti and other international brands imported for the Korean market. While strengthening its profile and expertise in the Korean fashion industry, the company is expanding worldwide with investments in Beijing and Shanghai and by introducing its local brands into overseas markets, such as in the U.S. Inviting customers to share new values, KOLON Industries FnC has just launched its up-cycling brand, RE;CODE.

<Main Brands>KOLON SPORT, Series, RE;CODE, customellow, COURONNE, Henry Cottons, Cambridge Members, Club Cambridge, Suecomma Bonnie, Lucky Chouette, GGIO II, SPASSO, GEOX, Brentwood, HEAD, ELORD, Jack Nicklaus, MARC JACOBS, MARC BY MARC JACOBS and Berluti


KOLON Glotech

Originally founded in 1987 as KOLON Seiren, a global manufacturing company, KOLON Glotech has by now diversified across several industries, including automotive parts, living materials and cutting-edge new fiber materials. The company produces car seat modules and fabrics, artificial turf, polypropylene staple fiber and polyester filaments. It has earned countless quality standard certifications by building a systematic production process across the manufacturing spectrum. With established production centers in Korea and China and retail channels in the U.S and Mexico, the company can provide top-quality products to worldwide customers. To secure new growth, KOLON Glotech is researching fiber and IT convergences, while developing base technologies for new materials and functional materials with green and lightweight characteristics.

<Main Businesses and Products>Car Seats, Car Seat Modules, Artificial Turf, Polypropylene Staple Fiber, Bicomponent Staple Fiber, Car Mats, GEONIC, PURELON, Cuprus and HeaTex


KOLON Plastics

Founded in 1996, KOLON Plastics produces engineering plastic (EP), the core materials for electric and electronic appliances and an essential component in lightweight automobile design. Offering the most diverse product lineup in Korea, the company’s portfolio includes POM (polyacetal resin), PA (polyamide), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) and PPS (polyphenylene sulfide), which is a super EP with world-class quality. Its production system covers the full range of manufacturing processes, including base products for engineering plastics and compound products that emphasize specific functions. A specialized manufacturer of global materials, the company now supplies engineering plastics to clients in more than 90 countries. Continuous research and development and a rigorous focus on overseas expansion is propelling KOLON Plastics into a major global player in the cutting-edge materials business. PA: A heat-resistant plastic with reinforced mechanical strength, PA is widely used in the automotive, electric and electronic industries as well in some other industries.

<Main Businesses and Products>Engineering Plastics, including PA, PBT and POM / Base Resins and Compound Resins


KOLON Life Science

Originally established in 2000 as Tissuegene Asia, KOLON Life Science today is growing its biopharmaceutical business along with the pharmaceutical, Eco-friendly materials and water solution businesses. The company provides API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) or the ingredients of new drugs and generic pharmaceuticals for manufacture into final medications and products. Its Eco-friendly materials business concentrates on sales of antimicrobial products.

<Main Businesses and Products>Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), CleanBio (Antimicrobial Agent), BESFLOC (Water Treatment Products)

  • Address : 7F, KOLON Tower(Annex), 13, Kolon-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Tel : 02-3677-4150
  • Homepage : http://www.kolonls.co.kr


Formed in 1999 from KOLON Data Communication, KOLON Benit is an IT services provider that focuses on smart convergence. The company’s retail solutions include IBM, EMC Autodesk and SAP hardware and software for clients across industries. Currently, the company is widening its product lineup for the Korean market with expanded and exclusive sales from redhat, SkySQL and other open source vendors. Other offerings include IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) services across industries. We are growing financial IT services in the Philippines and Vietnam as the company enters overseas capital markets. By providing unsurpassed value to clients, supported by first-rate information technologies and diverse convergence services, KOLON Benit is solidifying its position as Best Partner in the Market.

<Main Businesses and Products>Retail IT Solutions (IBM, EMC, Autodesk, SAP, redhat and SkySQL) IT Services (including Financial Supervisory Service DART [Data Analysis, Retrieval and Transfer System], KRX Corporate Disclosure System and Market Watch Systems for Local and International Markets) IT Convergence Services (including Intelligent Integrated Security and IBS)

  • Address : 12F, KOLON Tower, 11, Kolon-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Tel : 02-3677-4477
  • Homepage : http://www.kolonbenit.com

KOLON Materials

KOLON Materials has been offering the functional fabrics and innovative textile technologies worldwide in the areas of apparel and technical applications. Today, we have established ourselves as a major supplier of world-class outdoor brands and KOLON Materials becomes the global manufacturing company to produce in accordance with the ecological principles of the bluesign® system since 2010. We have developed the differentiated nanofiber electrospinning process technology and waterproof nano-membrane technology. KOLON Materials is becoming a world-class material producer who will bring changes and innovations in our lives not only for apparel but also for industrial use.

<Main Businesses and Products>Woven & Knit Fabrics (Dyeing, Coating, Lamination, Bonding, Rasing, etc.), Nano Membrane Applications


KOLON Pharmaceuticals

KOLON Pharmaceuticals began in 1958 as the Sam-Young Chemical Research Institute and has grown by harnessing cutting-edge technology, top talent and unmatched experience in business management and customer marketing. The company now produces and distributes dozens of high-quality pharmaceutical products via its Korea Good Manufacturing Practice-certified (KGMP) production facility. Continuous investment in R&D has produced a range of over-the-counter medications, including the BICOGREEN constipation series, sinus and common cold relief COMY syrup and tablets as well as TRAMOL SR (Sustained Relief), a painkiller and anti-inflammatory. By developing key partnerships and technology contracts with leading international pharmaceutical companies and with active R&D, KOLON Pharmaceuticals is improving the effectiveness of its medical products, growing its global footprint and becoming recognized worldwide for the value of its differentiated products.

<Main Businesses and Products>BICOGREEN S Tablets, COMY Syrup and Tablets, Topisol Milk Lotion, Foster 100/6 HFA, Curosurf

  • Address : 6F, KOLON Tower(Annex), 13, Kolon-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Tel : 02-2120-8300, 8400
  • Homepage : http://www.kolonpharm.co.kr


Originally founded in 1973 as KOLON Enterprise, MOD is actively growing its leisure business, which includes hotel, condominium and golf resort management as well as commercial real estate development. The company owns a hotel and resort in Gyeongju, the ancient Korean capital designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated on 1,700 acres in a pristine natural area at the base of Mt. Dongdae near Gyeongju, the family-style resort is surrounded by mountains and ocean. The company’s real estate service business leverages expertise garnered since 1973, providing a range of optimized property services for diverse customer needs. MOD is continuing to generate new value propositions for affluent lifestyles by expansion in real estate development, sales and acquisition, remodeling and environmental projects.

<Main Businesses and Products>Asset Management: Real Estate Development, Sales & Acquisition, Remodeling, Environmental Projects Leisure: Hotels, Resorts, Golf Resorts, Food & Beverage Business

MAUNA RESORT (http://mauna.co.kr)
KOLON HOTEL (http://www.kolonhotel.co.kr)
SEACLOUD HOTEL (http://www.seacloudhotel.com)


Nature Bridge

Founded in 2003 as an operator of roadside rest areas, Deokpyeong Land now runs Deokpyeong Eco Service Area, one of Korea’s highest-class rest area complexes. Unlike first-generation rest areas that provided only simple eating services and toilet facilities, the second-generation rest area pioneered by Deokpyeong offers a shopping mall, pet theme park and themed toilets that reflect customer lifestyles. The company is building a new and convenient third-generation complex by adding an additional creative complex area that preserves the environment. Transforming rest areas and the suburban complex, Deokpyeong Land is anticipating customers’ changing needs and becoming a distinctive service brand and retail specialist in the rest area business.

<Main Businesses and Products>Operating and Managing Complex Rest Areas (Food Courts, F&B, Shopping Malls, Amenities, etc.), Planning and Operating Rest Areas and Suburb Complex Malls (Rest Areas, Shopping Malls, Outlets, etc.), Planning and Constructing Themed Areas (Gardens, Forest Walls, Rest Room Facilities, etc.), Operating and Planning Pet Theme Park

  • Address : Deokpyeong natural resting place, 154 beon-gil, Deogi-ro, majangmyeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Tel : 031-645-0001
  • Homepage : http://www.dpecoland.com

KOLON Envrionment & Energy

Founded in 2002, KOLON Environmental Service specializes in E.C.O (Environment & Energy, Construction and Operation) businesses that construct and operate environmental facilities and develop new renewable energy systems. The company has grown by expanding into a range of allied businesses: installing incineration/ drying facilities for municipal solid waste and sewage sludge; basic environmental facility management; water treatment using KIMAS (KOLON Immersed Membrane Activated Sludge), an advanced sewage treatment technology; new and renewable solar energy and geothermal energy and landscape architecture. Building a value chain across the eco-industry, the company transforms waste into new resources and energy sources. KOLON Environmental Service is creating a greener and healthier environment by leveraging creative thinking, relentless change and continuous innovation.

<Main Businesses and Products>Turning Waste into Energy Resources (Incineration & Drying), Turning Waste Food into Resources, Consigned Operation, Water Treatment, New and Renewable Energy (Solar Energy and Geothermal Energy), Building Infrastructure (Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering and Construction), Equipment for Nuclear Power Plant.

  • Address : 6F, 55, Pyeongchon-daero 212 beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Tel : 031-779-5100

TissueGene,Inc. Korea Branch

Founded as a key affiliate in the Group’s healthcare business, TissueGene,Inc oversees the W-Store, a new-style Korean drugstore chain focused on family health and wellbeing. With more than 150 stores across Korea, the company is expanding the role of its drugstores while realizing its vision of Home Health Keeper. A dedicated retail channel, the chain offers differentiated environments and services, including expert health counseling and guidance about taking medication. By providing unique services, such as managing customer purchase records, health consulting and customized health information, the company is realizing its goal as a key source for total healthcare. TissueGene,Inc is building on its core values of Clean, Expert and Sharing to become the No. 1 Korean-style Drugstore.

<Main Businesses and Products>WELLCARE Propolis Red Ginseng, Propolis Drops, Habit Series Vitamin, Plastic Candles, Cathegreen Toothpaste, CIZAR, WISDERMA


Sweet Meal

Sweet Meal is leading the burgeoning dessert culture in Korea by introducing unique experiences in eating out and by importing tastes from advanced countries. Building on the global popularity of Beard Papa’s, a bakery brand loved by customers in 19 countries worldwide, Sweat Meal offers an array of menu choices. With continuous R&D support for its franchisees, Sweat Meal is attracting food culture’s global citizens. The company makes sure its brand philosophy is reflected in every product. Thanks to such efforts, Sweet Meal is outstripping top competing brands and growing as a dessert café based on its everyday mandate: “The food I give is a valuable present to a loved one, not just something to satisfy myself.”

<Main Businesses and Products>Choux, Cheesecake, Coffee, Beverages

  • Address : 2F, KOLON Tower(Annex), 13, Kolon-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Tel : 02-3677-8900
  • Homepage : http://www.beardpapas.co.kr/